blue - CD 2007

Almost six years in the making.The most commercially successful release by adams rib. Features some of the best written songs by derek lathrop.

Chameleon - CD 2013

The recording was made in Derek's home basement studio TROY over the course of 2008-12 with some additions(recorded in 2014-15) for this remastered version. A collection of the broad world sounds that make up the adams rib sound. Produced, written and engineered by Derek with some mixing done in Nashville by Mike K.

eL Derek - CD (spanish) 2016

This collection of latin songs was recorded over six years (2007-16). It is and up beat mix of various Spanish songs Derek recorded in his home studio. This compilation was mixed and mastered in his remodelled home studio now called The Garage on TROY due to its new location in the house. It was intended to compliment the Chameleon CD. The record is sure to make you want to dance.

Album - CD

An adams rib classic from mid 2000's. An eclectic collection of road songs recorded in Derek's home studio. Featuring Marcus Walker on Bass and Sam Sino on Drums and percussion.